Bypassing the initial email login.

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Jan 22, 2016
Greetings all!

I posted this same inquiry on Reddit to which I got a less than polite response, so I figured I'd try here.

My sister works for a repo business and often brings home items left over in cars that people couldn't make the payments for. Recently she brought home a very nice gaming pc. Better than by own. I'm buying it from her but I cannot get passed the start-up log in on the Windows 8, ya know the one attached to the previous owners email.
I honestly care about 0% of the data on the computer. It's not my data I have no right to it. But it's not allowing me to wipe the computer clean without a "windows installation or recovery media"
Of which I do not have.
I was told I can do it via USB but I don't have windows 8 on my personal PC, and even then I wouldn't know how to do it. I know very little about software in general so please use the dumb words lol.
Any help would be appreciated. Like I said I don't want the previous owners information. I just want his hardware lol.

(Also sorry if this is in the wrong section)
to bad this system should belong to the company where your sister work since it is not her own they have the ownership of it until the could contact the previous owner it could be report as stolen and you wil be in trouble same with her . sorry we could not help .


Unfortunately, rules dictate we can't help bypass any type of security measure and in this case, that's a password to the pc. We can't prove ownership. It's less about the files on the pc but usually thieves want the hardware to sell.
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