Question Can an Lenovo Active Pen 1 be used with a Lenovo Tab 4 X304f?

May 24, 2019
Doss the x304f work with Active Pen 1?
Or does it only work with a capacitive stylus?
If so, what is the best way to get a thin line?
As far as I can find anywhere, and what I have seen as well, it will only work with a capacitive pen/stylus.

No in regards to a thin line, well it depends on what you are trying to do.

If you are using a drawing app, then most decent ones should have the ability to change the line thickness. If it doesn't then I would consider a different app. If the app you are using is not for drawing, then I would contact the apps creators to see if it is possible to add the ability to change the thickness.

Otherwise you could always purchase a finer time capacitive pen/stylus.