Can anyone suggest me lenovo laptop with following features


Sep 7, 2013
1) i 7 4th gen processor
2) 4 gb graphic card stressing on designing like 3d maya n all,
3) 16 gb ram
4) latest hd web cam
5) latest usb slot ,
6) bluetooth latest, windows 8 pro or 7 ultimate genuine
7) backlit keyboard,
my budget is 60,000/-
You are looking at a workstation class laptop. I am assuming you are referring to Rupee currency.

60,000 INR converts to only $988 USD which is not enough for a workstation class laptop which generally starts at around $1,300. Additionally, I do not know of any workstation laptops with 4GB of dedicated RAM for graphics. I only remember seeing 2GB of dedicated RAM even on $4,000 workstation laptops.

You can try the Lenovo IdeaPad Y510p. However, there is no 4GB of graphic card dedicated RAM. Also if you want 16GB of RAM the starting price for that version is $1,249. It comes with a 1920x1080 resolution screen.