can i change grphic card


Nov 19, 2010

Unless this model is very different from most Sony Vaio models, you cannot. Laptops that allow you to upgrade the GPU tend to be high-end models and tend to only be a few. And upgrade easily, even fewer.


Sep 6, 2015
Most laptops that can be upgraded are usually newer or bigger ones. I think MSI makes some of them but gaming laptops are really not the way to go. You cannot put a desktop graphics processor into a laptop and mobile GPU's are way more expensive with much less performance than it's desktop equivalent. For example 980m is way less powerful than a 980 and costs more if you get that in a laptop. Not fair, but how it is :\ .

So yeah I do not think you're going to be able to upgrade your GPU in that laptop especially because you cannot even purchase mobile GPUs by themselves. You would need to purchase or have another laptop to take it from because they do not sell them as far as I know. Unless you went on Ebay which I do not recommend


Sep 6, 2015

I don't use the integrated graphics on it. I use my 2 660 TIs
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