can i delete all my pics from google


Aug 1, 2016
auto up load up loaded pics i would rather not share - I take some pics down and low and behold they are auto uploaded again - HELP
If you don't want them to auto upload, you have to turn off that option, otherwise it will continue to happen.

If you are using the "Google Photos" App, open the app and then tap "Menu". Next tap "Settings" and then "Backup & Sync". On the next screen move the slider over so you are no longer backing up and syncing the photos on the phone to the photos on Google.

Once this is done, anything you delete from the google account, should not reappear. However, it should still be on the phone.

NOTE: You may want to consider backing up all the photos to say a computer though, as if they won't be backed up to Google, then you will lose them should you lose the phone, it breaks, is stolen, etc.


Aug 1, 2016
Thanks for that Tom, However i'm using a laptop windows 7. No smart phone. I cannot see a Menu or a backup and sync. i cannot find this feature in google photos or in Picasa 3.9. Before google decided to retire Picasa and the birth of google photos, I the user was in control and decided what to up load and into what album. i hope i don't sound like a Luddite over this but for me Picasa was more intuitive user friendly.
i do so want to continue to upload and safe guard my pics with google as my preferred platform. but i want to decide what to up load. maybe i just don't see the feature you talk about.
thanks in anticipation



You posted this in the Android section, that is why it was assumed you had a phone. Look at your options in whatever program you have for photo managing, it will not upload things unless you asked it to.

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