can I play GTA 5 on my laptop with Intel hd 4000 and amd 8670m with 12 GB ram

Hrishi 9870

Dec 26, 2016
I have i3 2.4 GHz laptop with integrated intelR HD 4000 and amd 8670M graphic card and 12 GB ram can I run GTA 5, fall out 4, crysis series, battlefield series.


Mar 19, 2017

Not true, one can easily play those games(excluding fallout 4) by tweaking the game manually(not through the in-game graphics settings) through the games .ini file.


Mar 19, 2017
IMind you you will be at 720p MAX and you will have to download a few mods to increase performance, this is just the 4000 intel hd graphics, your 8670m will be able to play those games at 25fps+(I got a solid 40+ on gta 5 with low end mods.)

Short answer?

Try and see for yourself
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