Can I Play gta V on tge following specs

Jul 20, 2018
ASUS ROG (REPULBIC OF GAMING) in excellent working condition display quality with Dual graphics NVidia Geforce 360M 1GB dedicated 128bit graphics card with turboshared technology upto 3GB graphics memory

Manufacture: ASUS
Type: ROG (Gaming Laptop)
Model: ROG
Processor: Intel Core i5 640M
Hard Drive: 250 GB
Built-in Graphics: Intel HD graphics
Graphics Card: 128bit Geforce 360M 1gb dedicated n 2gb shared


May 12, 2015
Would you be able to Start GTA V? Yes. Would you be able to play it? No. Definitely not. Those specs are WAY too old/weak to run a game as intensive as GTA V (at a reasonable frame rate.)


Question from rustamkhanxada3732 : "Can I Play Gta V On This Specs???"

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