Question Can I solder an extra PC fan female connector for HP pavilion 15 cs0053cl.

Mar 31, 2022
My laptop HP pavilion 15 cs0053cl makes this wired fan noise and generates a lot of heat. I'm thinking of not just replacing the PC fan but adding an extra PC fan female connector in order to add a second fan to dissipate the generated heat faster please is it possible to perform this task or is there something else I need to add along side the second fan and also, please what's the name of the female connector
I can't imagine how you could fit another fan inside the case. A couple of other options:
  • Try a laptop cooling pad. That of course means something else to carry around.
  • Unless you are gaming, editing video or doing something else that uses a lot of processor power, you may just have background apps sucking up power. Go into task manager and look. Start task manager in admin mode, click on "more details" if needed then wait a minute for things to settle down. click on the CPU column to bring the highest users to the top. Close all the programs you normally use (like browsers). You should be showing only a few percent unless something temporary such as indexing, virus scanning or updating is going on. If there are background task that are pigs, get rid of them. For me it was Adobe desktop and Spotify taking 15% of my CPU all the time!. I run very cool now.