Can I upgrade my graphics on this laptop? Please Help.


Aug 21, 2012
Hello folks.. Im currently running a Samsung np300e5a-a0k laptop, and I've been using it to play a few games but due to the lack of graphics card it makes the other fairly ok specs useless depending on the demand of the game.. Does anyone know if there is a way of fitting a M Graphics to this and what is compatible if so?

Would appreciate any helpful input :)
The vast majority (like 99%+) of laptops do not allow you upgrade the graphics card. Basically only certain gaming oriented laptops ($1500+) may allow you upgrade the graphics card. You'll need to find out 1st before buying.

Also, it is very difficult to buy a laptop graphics card since they are only sold to system builders like Dell and HP. You'll need to rely on people selling them through eBay which may be used graphic cards, or otherwise obtained, maybe in a "shady" way.