Question Can I use a MSi Ge 62 7RE motherboard on a GE62 6QD?

Feb 3, 2020
My MSi Ge62 6QD laptop stopped working, the repairman said that the cpu and gpu (or VGA) got disconnect from the motherboard and they do not have the right IR module nozzle (or something like that) to stick them back together. So my only option is to buy a new motherboard. Which he does not have at the moment.

Meanwhile i saw an ad. for a used MSi GE 62 7RE laptop with no SSD or HDD or RAM, so i was wondering if I could buy this just to get the motherboard, if i do. Can I use it on my MSi GE62 6QD?

Thank you!
Feb 3, 2020
You can use the other laptop from the ad and install your RAM, SSD and HDD from the 6QD.
I know, I thought of that as well, and i know this may sound like a completely stupid reason but, I have this stupid sentimental value with my 6QD, I got it as a gift from my best friend 4 years ago and it has seen me at my worst of times, helped my get through depression, my break up by gaming and its the only tie i have with my best friend who passed away, and i know this a really stupid reason but i know it wont feel the same using another laptop.
Doesn´t look stupid to me.
The connections seem to be in the identical places and the old display should be working with the new motherboard. In case you find out it doesn´t, the 7RE display should fit in the 6QD case.
I´m 80% sure that it can be done.

But the problem is that you will have to disassemble the whole thing and reassemble it in the old case.

If it doesn´t work, don´t be sad. You then did everything you could to keep memories alive. You still can nail it to a wall, to remind you of the great times you had with it. Or maybe just remove the label from the 6QD and bond it to the new laptop.
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