Can my lcd flat screen be replaced? if yes, where can i order a new one?

NeC-Denise Padgett

Jun 7, 2015
I have an Emerson 40 inch flat screen TV... model LC401EM3F. A FEW WEEKS AGO, LONG STORY SHORT, something got thrown, hit the TV screen, made a small spider web. Now have about a six inch rectangle in the slight left center of screen, that has a small spider web at the top, about a 2 inch wide space of some pretty colorful vertical lines, and the rest of the rectangle is black. It has good picture everywhere but in this damaged rectangle.

Can the screen be replaced?
If so, where can I get one that is reasonable and not more expensive than the TV originally cost me?
And, if yes, is it reasonably easy to replace...... like it was for me, by following a step by step you tube video, to fix a cracked cell phone screen?
Thank You,
its an emerson... a low cost disposable tv. given that you can get them for about $200... even if parts were available it would not be fixable for the cost of just buying a new one. repair parts are typically not available either which is a major problem when people go with cheap brands.

in short, i'd say you are better buying a new one.