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    I have a 55 inch lg flat screen I turn it on and it just flashes and turns off but the red light stays on how can I fix this?

    I have a 55 inch lg flat screen I turn it on and it just flashes and turns off but the red light stays on how can I fix this?
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    Solved! Much is a 32 inch vizo flat screen TV worth at a pawn shop

    32 inch vizo flat screen TV worth at a pawn shop.
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    Help with Toshiba 55" flat screen. Blinking light, shuts off.

    I have a Toshiba 55" model 55L621U TV. It's always has restarted itself intermitantly while watching it. But the other day while it was on, it shut off and wouldn't turn back on. I unplugged it, and plugged it back in several times. Each time, the splash screen comes up, the red light blinks...
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    73 inch Mitsubishi flat screen keeps getting lighter and lighter

    73 inch Mitsubishi flat screen kept getting lighter and lighter finally nothing how can I fix this problem
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    Solved! My Magnavox flat screen turns on but the buttons won't let us turn power down or change settings

    My Magnavox tv volume is sitting on the highest it can go and the remote won't work either will the buttons up
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    Solved! Connect blueray to flat screen tv

    How do I connect a sony blueray player to an element flatscreen tv with spectrum cable.
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    Solved! How much can i sell my 60 inch vizio flat screen tv for

    6 months old.. Nothing wrong with it
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    Solved! How to connect vhs and I door antennae to flat screen tv

    I have a flat screen TV and an old vhs which I can connect, but I want to also connect my indoor antenna at the same time so I do not have to use one OR the other
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    What if you have a flat screen and it doesn't have the green or blue on back. Can you connect this to a DVD blue ray and get

    We have yellow and white on back of tv
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    How do I.program my 19in Emerson flat screen tv/dvd?

    FINE I MODEL NUMBER:LD195EMX OCTOBER 2009 Serial No.DS1A0944356252 It's a flat screen tv dvd
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    Solved! Hello, we turned on our LG tv and it is zoomed into the top left corner of the screen. We don’t know how to fix it. We have

    My flat screen Lg tv screen is zoomed into the top left corner of the screen and we don’t know how to fix it.
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    Solved! Blackweb sound bar to a sceptre TV

    Ok help please! I have a blackweb sound bar and a 55” flat screen 4K tv. I have no clue how to install the sound bar. There is no HDMI port on the sound bar. All that was included was the cables with the Red and white and the power source cable. Someone help me before I take it back for a refund.
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    Solved! Why doesn't my sound bar work on my curved TV? But worked with other flat screen tvs?

    I plug in the optical cable to the tv and the red light comes on, hook it to the ilive speaker and it blinks a orange light. Hook it up to bluetooth and you have to pair it each time you watch tv. If wifi is connected to the tv and then bluetooth will you not have to pair it each time? Oh and...
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    Solved! I have a 40 inch flat screen it lights up and you can hear sound but no picture

    I have a 40 inch flatscreen it lights up and u can hear the sound put cant see nothing
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    Solved! Element flat screen tv -- speech audio out of sync

    Sound and talking not right. Talking starts before mouths move [out of sync]
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    Solved! Rca converter box to a samsung flat screen tv. HD

    How to hook up a rca box
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    Solved! How do I turn on a 2008 Element TV without a remote and no power button?

    2008 Element TV (flat screen). There's no buttons to power or control buttons.
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    Magnavox flashing colors

    Trying to get my Magnavox flat screen to stop flashing colors?
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    Looking for flat screen 50in. -55in. to purchase Black Friday.

    What I do is watch traditional TV with Comcast cable box I have xfinity X1. I do not game or stream. I do not have Netflix although I have Amazon Prime and will watch a movie on my laptop now and then. I have HD. Not sure what Amazon Fire stick is. Guessing it would enable me to watch Amazon...
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    Solved! My flat screen tv has only his ports but I want to connect my vcr to it

    I have a cable with a male HDMI plug on one end, plugged into the TV's HDMI (ARC) port, and red-yellow-white plugs on the other end, plugged into my vcr. My TV is Insignia Roku with only HDMI connections. The tv doesn't recognize the vcr. What to do?
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    Solved! Old Sony HDTV

    My old Sony HDTV is finally giving me some trouble. I turn it on and quickly it turns off and then blinks red seven times repeatedly. If I leave it off and unplugged for a couple of days (or more) and then plug it in and turn it on, it works! Is there any reason why I shouldn't just leave it...
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    Solved! can i connect my iphone, that has service with straight talk, to a smart tv?

    i want to watch netflix on my flat screen smart tv!
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    Solved! Bought a flat screen and the antenna connection on back has been broke off, how can I hook up my antenna through the DVD playe

    Hook up antenna through a DVD player
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    TV protection for my flat screen

    Hi Guys! Mm...my new house is almost ready, I am planning to place a TV in my backyard and mount it on the wall under the eave so that it won't get directly wet in the rain. But if big rains, it will get wet. I was wondering if any of you have recommendations as far as how to weatherproof it. I...
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    Get no sound when playing

    I have a Sony dvd player and lg tv flat screen get no sound
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    Solved! Can I use Sling TV on my OTA FLAT-SCREEN with my HTC PHONE ( NO IR)

    My HTC phone has no IR, can I still use Sling TV with cellular data?
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    Number on Screen

    My Sharp 48 inch aquos flat screen TV displays the product number on the screen as follows K LC-C55CF6452KB W:0 Does anyone know why and how I can remove this. I have only had the TV 6 months and it has just started doing this.
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    How do I program my Westinghouse flat screen TV without remote

    , how do I program my Westinghouse flat screen TV without a remote?
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    TV audio dialogue - need new TV?

    I have an older Samsung flat screen and a Vizio audio bar and the sound is terrible. The biggest issue is dialogue. It is frequently muffled to the point that we turn the show off Do you think I need to adjust sound settings? Or should I invest $500-600 in a new TV and sound bar? We are not...
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    Watching youtube on my Vizio. Kept stopping to " loading ". I pressed the input button on the TV repeating every few minutes.

    Vizio flat screen. Watching youtube which kept stopping to, "loading ". I pressed the INPUT button every few minutes which usually stops youtube from stopping. Now all I get is the youtube LOGO on screen with no youtube videos. The screen is locked on the LOGO.
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    my vizio is pretty old and the input button recently stopped working and the remote isn’t working... what could i do ?

    my tv is old ( flat screen ) and the input button recently stopped working . i bought a remote and the remote isn’t working . what do i do ?
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    Hisence tv wont come on

    I have a 2018 hisence flat screen i pressed power button still nothing
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    I have a Vizio TV that as no remote so how can i change the chance

    Cannot change the channel on my flat screen TV
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    I have a flat screen but i tryed to watch tvfrom my laptop sith the HDMI cord but its telling me No signal

    I hooked up a HDMI cord to watch tv from my laptop but now the tv is telling me no signal.
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    cant get picture on ma flat screen

    No picture on ma sinotec 55 inch tv after power flusc
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    I have an older hitachi flat screen that is ran by a tower im trying to hook my pioneer dvd player up to it but i cant seem to

    Needing tech help from anyone knowledgable
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    How do I smart view my S8 plus cell phone to my TCL flat screen TV

    How do I smart the you my S8 plus cell phone to my TCL55 inch flat screen TV with no Internet
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    Press at .f10 nothing happens

    Laptop screen not working but using flat screen rca.also have Vista 10 I believe. Help
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    I have a Emerson flat screen tv and although I can hear I can’t see a picture

    I can’t see the picture on my Emerson flat screen tv but I can hear it. Please help
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    32in sharp flat screen

    Have sound and picture words come in clear but red and green pixels bright in spots is this a board or the screen
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    I refuse to join any cable company and I did have all antenna tv channels for last 5 yrs until 3 months ago. Got everything ex

    My flat screen hdtv TV is only 2 yrs old, problem is not the tv. I've tried 3 different antennas, moved tv location in living room, can't get #31-abc channel for nothing. I did have it up until 3 months ago and lived in this house for 5 yrs. I refuse to get with cable service with their prices...
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    Can I run WiFi from my TCL Roku device to my Element model #E2SW5018

    Element flat screen model number e 2sw-501 8, can't get Wi-Fi on it my Roku gets Wi-Fi I'm wondering if I could stream from that for the Roku to element
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    Solved! How can I turn on a 50-inch Panasonic flat-screen TV no remote no power button

    There's no power button or remote how do I get to bed on
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    channel scan problem

    my tv worked before for months , now just asks readily for a channel scan even after doing one. it is a basic flat screen tv hooked only to a DVD player no cable how do I stop request for channel scan . does even after channel scan or unplugging for 10 min
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    Solved! My sanyo flat screen is n no color what so ever in my tv

    My sanyo flat screen is now hooked up to an Xbox 360 only but I have no color what so ever in it... Why? And how do I change it back??
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    Flat screen TV element

    Can't fine my answer my tv screen is blue not black
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    how do i know if my 42 inch sharp is a "smart tv" its 4 years od and is missing the origanal remote

    looking for answers on my 42 inch flat screen smart or not
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    flat screen TV as a 2nd monitor for my MacBook Air.

    I see how to "mirror" but I want to use it as a 2nd Monitor with my MacBook Air.
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    I have a Sony Flat Screen TV & Pioneer Receiver. A lightening storm, I have no sound from my Receiver, but do have a pi

    Lightening knocked out the sound on my Pioneer Receiver, but I still have a picture on my Sony TV. How can I get the sound to come back on my Receiver & TV ? Thank You.
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    he disturb me

    he does bad SMS to me,Repeatedly with a missed call,occasionally speaking very badly, do not sleep at night.
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    How to connect blue tooth head phones to tv and sound bar

    I have samsung flat screen with vizio sound bar contact by hdmi-arc cord. How do I connect blue tooth headphones? do I connect
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    My tv has sound but no picture

    Rca 42 inch flat screen
  53. L

    do I have to buy an hdmi cable for my new LG flat screen tv

    Is an HDMI cable necessary?
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    I have 3 onkyo surround sound speakers but no reciever

    I have a 3 Onkyo speakers and a Philips flat screen 32 inch HDTV the receiver that I got with the speakers I don't believe belongs with it it has a D in the front of it I need to know how the Philips HD flat screen the three Onkyo speakers and this D receiver can work for surround sound
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    Old dvd/vcrhook ul

    Need to hook up old Emerson dvd / vcr player to Sony led flat screen
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    HITACHI FLAT SCREEN 1 year old, has volume but picture blinks continually. What might be wrong? Picture is very faint but can see it, just blinks continually
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    Looking for low priced flat screen tv

    Looking for a low priced flat screen tv
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    Connecting Samsung soundbar to Sceptre tv

    I have a 32" Sceptre flat screen tv that I am trying to connect with my Samsung soundbar. My soundbar has a USB port, digital optical cable port, and a headphone jack. My tv does not have a digital optical port but does have all of the regular ports (RCA ports, headphone jack, USB port, HDMI...
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    Please help me find solution

    Is it possible o adjust volume on vizio flat screen tv with only one button on left side. WITHOUT REMOTE
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    Cracked screen with no falls or hits?

    Could it be that heavier objects where placed on it. Or if placed in a book bag the cramped area made it crack?