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  1. D

    How to hook speakers up to tv

    How do I hook up my Toshiba speakers with a red and black wire to my Emerson flat screen tv
  2. X

    JVC tv bought new in Jan 2016. faulty circuit board

    can you easily replace a circuit board in a jvc 32'' flat screen tv, if it is from an exact same model bought from ebay. Mine is not working. my local electrician will not do the repair. if i purchase the tv and use if for parts, should this solve it?
  3. M

    Flat screen dou

    Stolen Samsung j7 dou last March 15,2017.. how to find my imei num
  4. J

    looking for a help support

    When I turn my laptop on the screen is black , I then try to turned the power off button and restarting it again still the same black nothing is coming up then I'd try restarting again then it will say diagnosing your PC. Please help me
  5. L

    Bluray dvd player.

    Can I connect my bluray player to an older tv? It's not a flat screen and doesn't have an hdmi plug but can't I buy an hdmi convert to rca?
  6. L

    my flatscreen is all dark at the bottom I think a bulb or something went out is it fixable and how much?

    broken flat screen all dark at the bottom 50 inch Toshiba just wondering if it's fixable
  7. J

    Flat TV dim screen

    I have a 51" Samsung flat screen TV that is becoming almost unwatchable because of low light. Yet, the guige has bright white letters on a black background. And, the small picture on the guide is much brighter than the main screen. What is the probable cause of this condition and is there an...
  8. F

    32' Samsung TV, not working!

    I have a 32' Samsung flat screen TV, when it powers on the screen is lit up black, you can hear the audio of whatever show is on but there is no picture at all, could it be a cheap and easy fix or does it need to be trashed? Help please
  9. N

    Trying to connect my LG 55" flat screen to my HP laptop

    I am trying to connect my laptop to my tv but have not been able to because there is no HDMI port. My computers is a HP elitebook 2570p and I would prefer using an hdmi port on my tv as I have three currently open. I am looking to play movies/videos through my laptop so need audio, as well as...
  10. C

    Connecting surround sound to tv

    How do I connect a Daewoo AHT 1000 surround sound to a Hitachi 42 inch flat screen TV
  11. C

    Looking for a low budget flat screen

    My xgody tablet just went dead after two days off using it I've tried everything but nothing has worked
  12. G

    need help connecting

    I connected my JVC Blu-ray disc player to a Philips flat screen smart TV I hear the sound but can not get a picture it keeps saying no signal
  13. W

    I have a regular flat screen tv (with HD channels) in my house. AT&T just gave me a 7 day free trial period but . . . .

    cannot find the Direct TV channel on my home tv
  14. J

    looking for a low budget flat screen

    i have problem with my screen i bought new screen in market my pc screen was broken now i have problem with my screen .
  15. B

    Low budget flat screen

    Power turns on but screen is black
  16. A

    Get sounds out on tv rca jacks

    I have a Samsung Flat screen TV, andI want to hook up and stereo system using RCA audio plugs. But my TV's audio output doesn't work. And I went to the TV menu and it's not allowing me to activate the TV's audio output. Where it says, "Audio Video Output" it says this: ----- And I have my...
  17. N

    SKY DEVICES SCREEN : Looking for a low budget flat screen

    Assalaam Alikum Dears i have been looking everywhere to repair my phone SKY DEVICES P8 is there anyone that tell me where to go for repair ?????
  18. B

    Tcl50" LCD flat screen

    The TV shut off while watching and I checked the power cord and turned it back on and it was upside down Looking for a solution or fix
  19. J

    Need help fixing my tv

    On My pioneer flat screen the color looks all crazy distorted. Everything else works fine just the color is screwy
  20. T

    42 in Panasonic flat screen

    I have a 42 in Panasonic flat screen with video only I have a Digital convert box and I can not get no sound when I hook it up in the back of my TV the only way I can get a picture is to only hook up the yellow wire only and no color on it either what should I do
  21. K

    I have a Sony flat screen Sanyo HDTV and it's about 4 maybe 5 yrs old can I connect that to wifi

    I want to know if my Sanyo HDTV can b hooked up to the wifi
  22. L

    its cracked screen

    how much would it cost to get my 50 inch vizio flat screen fixed
  23. A

    My Panasonic flat screen suddenly shut off. The on/off button keeps blinking and have to unplug to turn off. Cable company cam

    Panasonic flat screen suddenly turned off. Red on/off light keeps flashing. Cannot manually turn off. Must pull plug to turn off. Wait 30 seconds plug back in hear clicking and back to normal. Cable came out. Said wasn't cable but TV. Any advise? Thank you.
  24. H

    What is a jar cable? Having same problem.

    Lg flat screen has no pic but has sound. What is a jar cable?
  25. G

    I have lost ABC network on my 10 year old tv. This is the only channel that went off the tv. I use a indoor antenna and all

    My Sanyo flat screen tv is 10 years old and works fine until one day my ABC network left and I cannot get that channel back. I reset the scan and rescanned the channels back in and still no ABC network. All other channels still come in. Will a tv remove a channel?
  26. J

    hook up flat screen to speakers

    i have a flat screen tv i would like to hook up to my stereo speakers. the tv has a 3.5mm headphone audio out and a Digital audio Output jack. i think i need a go between amplifier. any help appreciated.
  27. S

    My problem is that i have upgraded my account to th4 in ios device and now i want to link my android account to ios. Now iis i

    Looking for a low budget flat screen
  28. L

    Connecting out door video camera to indoor flat screen to capture sunsets.

    I'm looking to connect an outdoor Hi Def video camera to a flat screen that is indoors so I can watch in real time sunsets, sunrises and storms from the safety of my couch that may roll in. I was going to install the camera to a pole that is mounted to the fireplace chimney to get better height...
  29. D

    Mirror Projector and flat screen??

    I am putting in a home theater in my basement. We have a projection system with all types of input- DirecTV, DVD, etc. We'd like to mirror the display being shown on the projector to a small flat screen LCD at our bar. Especially the DirecTV such as when watching a football game. Can someone...
  30. H

    New flat screen to old surround

    How do you hook an old surround sound system to new flat screen TV Toshiba
  31. R

    TV to outdoor speakers hookup

    I have a TV under my patio and it's hooked up to Direct TV. However the sound on those flat screen speakers aren't the greatest. I've installed 2 speakers in the sofit and tried plugging the speakers directly to the TV. However nothing happens. Is there an other piece of equipment that needs...
  32. W

    My LG Plasma TV exhibits a strange form of ghosting

    This is a mockup pic of the type of ghosting that my TV has. The contour of the sofa is “ghosted” on top. Another example would be if the wallpaper had patterns on it; that pattern would be slightly seen on the man’s shirt. It never seems to do it with irregular objects tho, only lines and...
  33. S

    flat screen hd tv hooked to hd dvd player give me tv channels

    Got a dynex flat screen hd tv with broken coaxial connection can a hd dvd player give me local TV channels I don't have cable and I tired of not having tv the dvd player has a hdmi slot on the back along with the red white and ports and composite holes
  34. C

    tv stand help!!

    I have a tv stand for a flat screen tv how do I find what brand of tv it goes to?
  35. L

    Can I bypass a dtv converter bow with a older TV using a atenna

    I just was gave a older TV and I use a antenna on my newer flat screen and get about 25 channels but I read unless you have a CTV converter box it doesn't work,is there anyway around not having to use the CTV converter
  36. P

    how do I set older but newer flat screen TVs to RCA blue ray player to get tv

    How do I get RCA blue ray to jvc older but newer flat screen TVs for channels
  37. B

    Samsung UN46B6000VF flat screen tv

    Just to follow up, My question is if the problem is the panel, or is it a board or components that can be easily replaced?
  38. W

    Audio from TV not loud enough

    we have a Toshiba - 43" flat screen TV - but want to connect JBL speakers to it. The audio is very faint from the audio jack. What else do I need to do to get the audio to play in sync from the TV? I do have spare HDMI ports available.
  39. K

    i have a old flat screen projecter and i have cable/wifi box im useing a converter box and rca jacks its pulling the menu up b

    i have my converter box and rca jacks hooked up right cause the menu is coming up but atuoscan isnt finding any channels..
  40. K

    Can my flat screen be fixed

    Have a flat screen that fell and is cracked but you can still have sound....can it be fixed???
  41. P

    Cannot afford cable or satellite

    I have a dear relative that is disabled and lives alone. Her sister provided her with Direct TV for a couple of months and now has cut it off. Now she has nothing. She has been approved for disability, but has not received her first check yet. What can she do to get some type of tv...
  42. J

    I'm getting no sound from my DVD player

    I have a element flat screen tv, and I have a Sony DVD player. I finally figured out why I wasn't getting any signal till this morning. I fixed that problem, but now I have a new problem that I am getting no sound when I put a disc in my DVD player. Also when I was asked to setup the DVD player...
  43. R

    Sound for vhs tapes

    I have a Zenith dvd/vcr combo connected to a Insignis hd flat screen tv. The dvd part works fine but when I put a vhs tape in there is video but no sound. I have it connected by composite and audio cables. Is there another cable I need so I get vhs sound? Thanks. Harold
  44. reble

    re: cracked screen in a samsung hd flat screen tv

    I found this Samsung HD 26" flat screen tv model # un32eh4003c next to the dumpster in my apt complex. When I powered up the tv I found a crack like a small rock hit it and lines in the screen going every were. See the picture in this Dropbox link...
  45. P

    Having problems with my Directv set up

    I've had DTV since 1994. I have 3 DTV receivers, 2 of which have multiples tv's hanging off of them. Last summer seems like DTV must've done some kind of upgrade which complicates that scenario. To wit, the bedroom tv only works if A. I turn the flat screen attached to that same receiver on or...
  46. B

    Looking for TV recommendations for movies/xbox

    Hi I'm looking to replace my ancient CRT TV for a flat screen and I'm a little lost as to where to start. I use my TV almost exclusively for movies either DVD's played through my Xbox 360 or streamed from my PC again through the 360. I also play some Xbox 360 games infrequently. I'm looking...
  47. P

    (no signal) on LG flatscreen

    Hi, i'm steve. I have an LG 47LD650-UA lcd flat screen. I recently lost all inputs- hdmi, Verizon stb, & av1. I believe I need to replace the main board EBR65858504. They are very scarce online. Is it possible to substitute a board from another model LG if the connectors and electronic values...
  48. EndlessMidnight

    Video gets stuck when playing it on TV from USB

    I have a Panasonic flat screen whenever I use the media player through USB to play a video (whether it is a movie or a short clip) it gets stuck, it starts fine but after a while it freezes on one frame and the audio keeps playing, if I let it keep playing the frame might "unfreeze" but the...
  49. E

    Can only display desktop from laptop to flat screen TV, cannot display icons or play video

    I am using a C2G adapter to connect HDMI from flat screen TV to port on a Lenovo laptop. The desktop background from the laptop displays on the TV, but none of the icons on the desktop. When playing video on laptop, none of this is displayed on the TV, which shows just a blank desktop, without...
  50. R

    Trouble with the cables for my TV.

    I have a Male F Plug attached to the wire coming from my wall, which i want to plug into my TV, but the Antenna In socket does not match the Male F plug, do I need some sort of adapter to connect these? The TV is a relatively new one with Freeview installed. Thanks for your help!
  51. Catfan67

    Looking For a Low-Budget Flat Screen

    No, really, I am. The specs I'm looking for are as follows: LED (more modern type of display and better lighting) 1080-1440p Quality (to support later Nintendo consoles; I like Ninty) 32+" diagonal screen size (large display is nice) 2+ HDMI ports (Raspberry Pi and Wii U) 2+ A/V Composite Video...
  52. S

    i just got an older 32" westinghouse flatscreen and have dishnetwork. What do I need to set the tv on (av1,av2,tv,etc)? and h

    I am trying to setup my Westinghouse flat screen 32" to my dish network.
  53. D

    Anything I can do to hook newer tv to ancient stereo?

    I have a newer lg hdtv, it's flat screen. I just attempted to run sound from my tv to my ancient stereo receiver, with no luck, and am completely lost. I have a digital audio output on the tv, and only A/V inputs on my receiver. Do they make an adapter or anything, or am I just kind of screwed...
  54. T

    dvd to tv via bluetooth?

    I have a customer has a flat screen tv mounted to the concrete block wall that I need to play dvd's on but I don't want to add a shelf for the dvd player. Is there anyway to do this via bluetooth from a nearby pc? thanks in advice for what is likely a stupid question :pt1cable:
  55. D

    Samsung flat screen model LN40A630

    Hi, everyone. It's been awhile since i last posted anything so hope everyone is doing good these days. Here is my question.Does anyone know anything concerning Thmistors in a samsung flat s=creen TV. I lost the picture on mine, so I opened the back to check.I have a pic of what I found if anyone...
  56. O

    My 42" Samsung flat screen model# hpt4254x/xaa keeps turning off and on.

    Does anyone know why my t.v keeps turning off then repeatedly trying to turn back on? I can hear the power board clicking on then off like it's trying to turn on but screen remains black. I unplugged the power cord from the t.v and the cord running to outlet and left it like that for a few days...
  57. S

    No more sound

    I have a Sony 50" flat screen tv. All I have hooked up to it is a standard cable box. One day the sound went out. I was able to kinda tap the back and the sound came back. Then later it went back out for good. Will I have to have it repaired? Or is there away to hook up some other component like...
  58. G

    Lookingways to fix my laptop which is underperforming????

    Hello guys i bought a laptop a couple months ago and i just keep having the same problem.Every time i install an nvidia driver i notice that in the first few days the laptop is performing as it should with good fps(e.g league of legends stable 120fps) and then suddenly drops to 40-60 which is...
  59. J

    My Insignia 24 inch flat screen does not turn on with the remote or the button on the side. No lights are visible on the fron

    I cannot turn on my flat screen tv with the remote or the button on the side. Could the cause of this failure be a bad capacitor and can it be replaced easily?
  60. I

    Half of screen is white or colored lines and other half is perfect picture

    Sony Bravia flat screen HD 40" TV has half screen colored lines or white background and other half of the screen is perfect picture. Repairable or disposable?