My 42" Samsung flat screen model# hpt4254x/xaa keeps turning off and on.


Aug 6, 2015
Does anyone know why my t.v keeps turning off then repeatedly trying to turn back on? I can hear the power board clicking on then off like it's trying to turn on but screen remains black. I unplugged the power cord from the t.v and the cord running to outlet and left it like that for a few days to see if it would reset itself. I turned it on today and it worked just fine for about an hour so. I thought it was fine so I turned it off thinking it would be fine. I just got home and tried to turn it on but the same thing as before happened again. I'm thinking it's the power board but I'm not sure. Can anyone please help and is it worth fixing?


Nov 20, 2010

What it sounds like to me is your power supply, and before you go buying a new PSU right off the bat, you need to take the back off the tv and look closely at the it. I have found that 9 times out of 10, i can replace the capacitors that are blown and save alot of money. some of them old plasma tv's have rare parts and rare parts are expensive.
Take the back off and give the power supply a closer look. Take pic and post them up and lets have a look. However you could have other problems like xsus or ysus or the buffer board/s, though the clicking sound usually means something on the psu has failed.



Nov 12, 2015

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