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  1. Krokzter

    Use TV as Speakers for PC (using RCA to 3.5mm)

    I recently got a flat screen TV working as a second monitor for my PC, and set it up with a VGA cable. I've now bought a RCA to 3.5mm cable but I can't set it up. I am connecting the RCA in the audio jacks on my TV and the other end on my back panel sound jack. The TV is detected but no...
  2. A

    Getting "no video signal" when I hooked up my 2018 Sony DVD player to my 2011 Toshiba flat screen tv.

    I cannot get my TV to receive my new DVD player. Says No Video Signal.
  3. A

    Coaxil broke Vizio tv

    Coaxil broke completely off on my Vizio tv I want to watch the big regular satellite on top of my house but I don't know what I need .
  4. C

    Connection box tv to flat tv

    My new flat screen doesn't fit with my tv set up for directr. Are all wires and plugs , cables. The same? Maybe the flat screen doesn't work. I would so like To know.
  5. H

    How to connect my DVD player to my Emerson flat screen TV

    I can't make it play I don't know what channel to put my TV on or how to hook it up
  6. T

    Connect mt sony s530d to a emerson 32 inch flat screen

    How can i hook up my old sony s530d dvd player to newer emerdpn 32 inch flat screen
  7. T

    Solved! Trying to figure out if theres anything wrong with my tv

    Okay, I have a Philips flat screen TV. Not sure how old it is. But I'm trying to figure out if theres a problem with it or something else. Recently, over the course of a few days, while watching Hulu on my Xbox 360 (which I've had since 2016). The picture/display on the screen would cut out and...
  8. R

    Use one remote with my Samsung flat screen TV and my digital converter box which remote do I use

    I haven't Samsung HDMI flat screen TV and an RCA digital converter box I don't know what remote I have to use to change my channels volume and Power
  9. A

    Toshiba tv: Analog audio extremely low output

    Hi, I have a Toshiba flat screen tv (model SL412U_55S41U_OM). I've tried to plug the analog audio out to 2 different powered speaker sets and the output is incredibly low. Even with the speakers at max volume, I can barely hear anything at all. With this type of tv, the analog out has a...
  10. R

    Help setting up TV

    I have a new flat screen tv. I can set it up to work on antenna and on Dish but cannot get it to program on cable. What am I doing wrong? It goes in a RV. I am going straight to it with a co-ax. I have tried TV, HDMI1, HDMI2, HDMI3, component. I have it set for cable.
  11. B

    Hook up old DVD player to my Santo flat screen I don't have CV dish or any other cable

    I have older DVD and VCR player they're 1 box how do I hook it up to my flat screen Sanyo tv
  12. M

    i have a 42inch element flat screen how do i hook up or watch movies off a memory stick

    I have a 42 inch element flat screen tv how do I hook up or watch movies off a memory stick
  13. V

    Can I play GTA 5 in 4gb ram and 2 GB Graphic card

    Can I play GTA 5 in 4gb ram and 2 GB Graphic card
  14. T

    How do I get rid of a black vertical line on my insignia flat screen

    I have an insignia flat screen that has a thin vertical line on the left side of the screen
  15. M

    Budget Flat screen

    My tablet touch screen doesn't work,what can I do? It fell and the screen cracks.
  16. C

    Solved! Emerson flat screen tv

    How can I reset tv with out factory remote?
  17. M

    Fix HDMI port with aux cables and external HDMI

    Out flat screen TV's HDMI ports don't work so we ordered a peice off Walmart one end has a yellow, red, white, blue and green aux cables and other end is the hdmi that goes in any thing lap top hubbys ps4 but its not working idk what to do
  18. M

    Monitor Comparison and Help

    Would a 29" 2560 x 1080 60hz 8bit HDR monitor be better than a 29" 2560 x 1080 75hz 8bit curved monitor, they are both the same price. I will be gaming and watching videos. I will also be word processing and powerpoint.
  19. K

    My flat screen tv has lost the picture, although the sound still works. What should I do?

    My mother's flat screen tv has lost the picture, although the sound still works. What should she do?
  20. T

    i have a very old flat screen that has no HDMI, no USB is there an adapter to allow me to hook up screen beam

    I have a very old flat screen tv that has no HDMI, no USB. Is there an adapter to allow me to hook up screen beam
  21. B

    Connect my hearing aid Blue tooth to Hisense Tv

    How to connect my unitron uTV2 to my HiSense flat screen TV
  22. T

    I have a older onkyo stereo I would like it to hook up to a new flat screen tv

    I have a older onkyo stereo I would like to hook up to my new tv without hdmi on the stereo it does have the opitical on the stereo and tv
  23. B

    Looking for a low budget flat screen

    Looking for a low budget flat screen
  24. T

    Connecting Computer Speakers to New Flat screen TV

    I bought a Vizio E65-E TV. It has two speakers onboard (2.0 sound) that I want to improve. This model has Optical Audio Out, RCA Audio Out (for 2.0), and it has HDMI-ARC out. I own a 5.1 speaker set that was about as good as computer speakers could get at the time and I don't want them to go...
  25. J

    Trouble turning on

    I have a 40" H D-flat screen and it's almost impossible to get it to turn on but once in a great while when it does turn on it plays beautifully and tell it gets turned off in the process starts all over again the only thing that I found wrong with the TV is the cable plug for the back got bent...
  26. M

    50" element flat TV and where do I lug my red white and yellow cords at in the back

    50" element flat screen TV and where do I plug my red white and yellow cords that are in the back bottom of the TV cause it doesn't have a yellow spot
  27. A

    55" Samsung smart tv

    How much could I sell my 55" Samsung flat screen smart tv for? Great condition, with remote
  28. S

    32 inch sansui flat screen tv

    the picture of 32 inch sansui flat screen tv is upside down. I need you help to fix my tv
  29. K

    How do i connect my onkyo 919 prologic to an Emerson flat screen

    No audio uotputs on tv but one audio coaxial output
  30. C

    how can I program my RCA sound bar to an Element flat screen??

    RCA sound bar won't work. Its connected to an Element flat screen. The speakers went out. That's why I got the sound bar.
  31. C

    How much is a 5 year old Toshiba 75 inch HD LCD Flat Screen TV 1080p worth?

    Wondering how much a Toshiba 5 year old HD LCD Flat Screen TV 1080p is worth.
  32. D

    i have a samsung jmax ,it is not loading the youtube saved videos when iam offline,what is the reason ,solution

    Looking for a low budget flat screen
  33. S

    Element tv remote to program lg blueray

    Elemet flat screen TV to program LG blue ray
  34. S

    which antenna is best for me because I don't have cable could you please tell me the best antenna I live in suburban area

    I'm going to get a new flat screen TV and I would like an antenna two put put with it and I don't know which antenna is best for a TV that does not have access to Cable could you please help me out
  35. K

    Help with my computer

    My computer screen is broken but the computer still works and I have it hooked up to my flat screen but all I'm getting on the TV is the background. No icons but the cursor still works. How can I fix this and nothing is popping up.
  36. S

    hook up vcr

    How do I hook up my old panasonic vcr player to my 32" magnavox flat screen tv
  37. C

    How do i hook up dvd to vizio with only red and white cables

    How do I hook up my DVD to a Vizio flat screen with only red and white cable
  38. E

    seiki flat screen tv

    seiki 32" has menu showing on screen. Flying through the pages. Can't get it to stop. Can someone help
  39. R

    im trying to hook up a samsung flat screen with all input componets andmaganox dvd vcr recorder how do i get the hdmi imput (a

    help setting up vcr tyo record using only hdmi input on tv no out put
  40. D

    Help with Roku

    I have an analog, flat screen Sony Bravia TV hooked up to an antenna plus a digital converter box. I just dropped cable and signed on w/ Directv Now and received a free Roku Premier to stream DTN. Had forgotten that this television was analog since uverse cable box took care of the conversion...
  41. N

    can a laptop go bad after shutting it down?

    I have an acer v5 551, it was working just fine 2 days ago but yesterday when I tried to open it up there was no screen. Everything was fine before I shut it down. I tried a few things, one that caught my attention is the laptop is still working even after I close the screen. How do I figure out...
  42. E

    Please help me

    Trying to hook up my sanyo dvd player up to my rca flat screen and all it will do is play in black and white. Can someone help me?
  43. K

    My Sony 54" flat screen the picture went out but sound is just fine. The sound remains the same but no pic

    I have sound but no picture please help
  44. S

    My right side on my computer is out of line on my flat screen how do I fix it

    I have tried to fix it by scaling it and make it zoom out so I could fix but the right side of the screen is still out of line
  45. Z

    how to connect my HP laptop to my TV using MHL HDMI cord.

    Hello i would like to know how can i be able to connect my HP laptop to my flat screen television with a MHL adapter HDMI cord. i would like to know ASAP i really wanna watch movies on my tv using my laptop
  46. R

    Which tv should I buy?

    I would like to buy a Tv of max 3000-3500€ max price, I am interested in a 65 inch Tv with 4K and HDR and with low input lag to play games and also watch films. What model and brand would you recommend me and also flat screen or curved? Greetings
  47. A

    How to remove something from my screen on my tv

    My picture on my Samsung flat screen tv is perfect but there is a small blue square in the center of it. How do I get rid of it?..
  48. B

    Can I hook my list on electronics speaker to my Haier tv

    I have a kustom electronics speaker can I hook it up to my Haier flat screen tv
  49. B

    I found simply replacing my power cord fixed the same issue. Faulty cord?

    Sharp 32" LCD flat screen TV, 2009 model.
  50. A

    How do i hook up dvd player to my samsung tv that has a dish cable box

    My samsung flat screen is connected to a dish cable box. How do I hook my dvd player into all of that so all will work?? Im so confused!!!!
  51. U

    Flat screen TV for a classroom with $800 budget.....recommendations?

    Hello- I've been tasked with purchasing a flat screen TV that is going to be used in a classroom. It is going to be mounted on a wall so that kids can see and hear on the TV what the teacher has on her laptop. I'll be running a long HDMI cable from the teacher's laptop to the TV. Some of the...
  52. I

    Antenna tv won't show DVD channel needed

    DVD player and antenna tv can't get on needed channel to work together. How do I fix this? Worked fine when I had cable but when they took the cable away because I couldn't afford it then I could never get the TV back on the channel needed for the DVD to play DVDs. I can't do it with the remote...
  53. W

    How to connect Android optical cable to flat screen tv

    Unable to correctly connect optical audio output from Tronsmart android to flat screen tv home entertainment system
  54. P

    How to hook up an old VCR to a newer VISIO TV to record and playback

    I have an old Panasonic VCR that I want to hook up to a VISIO flat screen TV that gets its TV signal from a Direct TV receiver. I want the VCR to record an "on-air" program and then play that program back on the VISIO TV. How should the VCR be hooked up?
  55. M

    my TCL Tv power light keeps blinking fast and its not turning on...what can I do?

    Help!!! My TCL flat screen tv won't stop blinking and won't turn on
  56. T

    Solved! Sharp flat screen tv

    I've a sharp smart TV and it stucked on channel 2
  57. J

    How to mirror image from a smart tv to a regular flat screen tv? What cables do I need?

    Recently my smart tv got a crack on the screen. This crack makes it imposible for me to see the top part of the image but I can still select and watch my favorite shows ( as long as I dont mind watching half a screen lol). Since I have an extra regular flat screen tv in my house I thought...
  58. B

    How do i wire my goodmans home theatre system to my t.v

    I have a goodmans home theatre system and need to know how to connect it to my samsung flat screen tv
  59. K

    How do i fix this issue. How do i get my tv to turn on

    How to fix a samsung plasma flat screen tv. So it will turn on again