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  1. K

    flat screen tv

    I have a element flat screen TV. How do I hook up cable to it without using a cable box
  2. H

    Panasonic self check complete

    My Panasonic flat screen tv. 1080 started having a large screen coming on the tv screen tonight. I cant get rid of it. It says...... Self Check Complete 50FHD in upper left corner It has 3 columns of info that take up the whole screen I lost sound. Can anyone help
  3. M

    Old TV question...???To fix or not to fix...That is the question.

    I have a Samsung 27 inch flat screen large back TV HDTV. I paid about 550 in 2007 for it. It has stopped working. When you turn it on it won't get a picture. The screen stays back and the on/off goes off in about 30 seconds. What is wrong with it? Is it worth trying to fix it. The TV I...
  4. rtuschl

    32 inch Samsung no signal

    I have a 32 inch Samsung flat screen tv. I changed to another antenna through a 2 way input switch. After turning tv and antenna dtv back on, my antenna worked fine but when I switched it back to satellite, I lost my satellite signal. I hooked up another flat screen to the same hook ups and the...
  5. P

    Can't get 5.1 sound from my blu ray

    I have a sony blu ray model bds-300 hooked up to a 1080 flat screen tv via an HDMI. The blu Ray works well with the tv but I can't get the sound to come through my 5.1 speakers. The only sound I am getting is through the tv. I feel like I have tried all settings. Help!!!
  6. C

    Westinghouse LTV-46W1 video problem

    46"Westinghouse flat screen powers on image comes on for a second or so then goes off, sound works. Has new power supply! Any ideas? Thanks Dan
  7. D

    Looking for a TV

    I am looking for a flat-screen TV. We have no more than 55-60 inches of space (width). I would preferably like the TV to be at least 50 inches diagonally and spend no more than $1000. All feedback is appreciated. Let me know if something like this possible with the budget. Also any advice on...
  8. T

    do i need antenna with hdtv

    i have flat screen hdtv an lost my dish so have no tv wanting to no if I need antenna to get basic chanels
  9. C

    I have a sylvania flat screen with hdmi hook up. I have panasonic blue ray dvd with hdmi caable . When i connnected, a terrib

    as above terrible clattering sound when hooking the hd mi blue ray dvd to tv.
  10. N

    Can my lcd flat screen be replaced? if yes, where can i order a new one?

    I have an Emerson 40 inch flat screen TV... model LC401EM3F. A FEW WEEKS AGO, LONG STORY SHORT, something got thrown, hit the TV screen, made a small spider web. Now have about a six inch rectangle in the slight left center of screen, that has a small spider web at the top, about a 2 inch wide...
  11. M

    How to fix a40" flat screen with no audio

    Turned TV on and no audio It worked fine the day before
  12. S

    bought a pioneer vp 1000 and tried to hook it up to my flat screen tv

    Can someone help me and tell me why i cant see a picture from my pioneer vp 1000 to my flat screen tv?
  13. pimpanther

    my TV blew up

    my 18 month old toshiba flat screen has just blown up and im thinking why not do away with a tv and get a big monitor and buy a freveiw usb hub thingy.what you think?
  14. Alyus

    What's the Best Resolution for 40" Flatscreen?

    I'm looking to buy a flat screen for my entertainment room. I'll be sitting round 5-7' away from it. And is Smart TV a waste of cash?
  15. S

    does am insignia 55" lcd flat screen and TV have any power supply fuses? if so what do they look like.

    TV won't turn on. Power light on. This happened after an out side source connected to TV produced an electrical serge