Old TV question...???To fix or not to fix...That is the question.


Jul 21, 2015
I have a Samsung 27 inch flat screen large back TV HDTV. I paid about 550 in 2007 for it. It has stopped working. When you turn it on it won't get a picture. The screen stays back and the on/off goes off in about 30 seconds. What is wrong with it? Is it worth trying to fix it. The TV I want is about $450. I am waiting for the smart Tv's to get cheaper and the 4G TV's to get cheaper. I want this to last about 3-4 more years. Do you think that this could be fixed for less than $200.
If you are willing to spend $200 to repair this TV why not buy a replacement for $200? I will probably be better than your old one and have a warranty. Maybe bigger screen.
Add a Roku or Android TV box to it and it will be smart too.


Can this be fixed for $200 ? -- UNKNOWN. Only somebody willing to do a hands-on diagnosis can determine that. Depending on where you live, you may or may not be able to find someone that will even work on an 8 year old device.

I believe it is time to get a new one. Your $450 TV is probably twice the screen area of the 27 inch....
how much it costs to get fixed would depend on what the problem is and for that it would need to get looked at. if it is something simple then sure you could end up with an $80 repair bill however if they need to replace a board inside the tv you could be looking at over $200. it could go both ways however i would lean more towards it costing more than it costing less.

given prices paid new vs repair costs it generally isnt worth repairing smaller televisions unless you can either do it yourself or can have it done for a decently low price.