TV protection for my flat screen

Oct 23, 2018
Hi Guys! new house is almost ready, I am planning to place a TV in my backyard and mount it on the wall under the eave so that it won't get directly wet in the rain. But if big rains, it will get wet. I was wondering if any of you have recommendations as far as how to weatherproof it. I just want to use my flat LCD screen that I currently have. And don't wanna spend too much money. I have read up on enclosures from some suppliers Apollo, Armagard, Deertv, I was wondering if you have any ideas or suggestions. That will be much appreciated. Thanks.
A dedicated enclosure will keep the TV dry, will allow sound out, and ventilate the TV. It's the best way to go but may be overkill on a smaller TV.
You could build something with a glass or plexiglass front and make it blend in with the house.
There are covers that will give you some protection and don't cost much. If you don't use the TV year round bring it inside after the season is over.