Can Samsung Make the Note 9 Matter?

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Aug 4, 2018
I bought both the S9+ and OnePlus 6. I used them both for 12 days. I have four phone numbers through T Mobile (Band 71 not in my area yet). I returned the S9+ to BestBuy. I honestly could not justify the massive $400+ cost over the OnePlus. I kept thinking I need this, I need that, I need need need. But when I started to look at how I used the cameras for video and photos, how the antennas picked up signals, how the LTE data streamed, how the displays looked, how fast the apps and phone rolled... the S9+ and OnePlus were too close for my noted differences. I desperately want to buy the Note 9 and have been thinking about it since early spring. But if Samsung has not upgraded their camera lenses and camera software (stabilization too) to compete with some amazing competitors, then no way on earth would it be worth buying. I hate these Samsung gimmicks of free VR headsets, keyboard accessories and other nonsense. Just lower the price! Instead of waiting 5 months for BOGO deals that are no real deals, I'd rather buy two OnePlus 6T when those come out.

Sven Viking

May 16, 2016
I’m still waiting for them to make one without the curved edges. I just find it makes the phone more difficult to hold and to use without unintentionally activating things.


Apr 12, 2017
Of coarse it matters.. Millions upon millions of people rely on the note series every day for work and play.. I've have two notes before the S7 edge, and I'll be getting two for me and the girl just as soon as it launches.. No other phone is going to match the productivity of the note series! This site seams to be much more pro Apple lately. I won't be coming back until it changes..
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