can this upgraded DirecTivo HD pair be expanded?



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i moved from a 120+80 pair to 160+160 using dd.

here's what mfsinfo reports on the new pair after the dd copy:

it says that the pair can be expanded 1 more time; however, in a prior
(failed) attempt to move to the 160+160 pair failed when using
mfsbackup/mfsrestore...saying something to the effect of "no space left
in volume list".

so i'm trying to find out what will happen if i use mfsadd to expand
the 160+160 pair. will it simply expand as far as it can up to the
137gb limit and whatever limits remain based on the volume list, or
will it "fail" and if so...will the drive pair still be usable?

notes: the 120+80 pair had previously been upgraded from the OEM pair
using mfsbackup/mfsrestore.


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looks like it can expand to 137gb on the new B-drive only.

MFSTOOLS documentation for mfsadd states that mfsadd can utilize up to
12 partitions (6 pairs).

my new 160+160 HD pair have 10 partitions (5 pairs) in use according to

so at the very least, mfsadd should be able to add the last 2
partitions to my new B-drive, adding an additional 58gb of storage
(currently contains ~79gb +58gb = 137gb).

downside is that i'm missing out on ~18gb of storage on the new A-drive
because it had already been upgraded from 40gb to 120gb, and i'm out of
partitions to take up the remaining 18gb available under the 137gb
limit. not a big loss, though.