Can we turn on a laptop without the hard drive?

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Apr 11, 2016
So basically I was checking Facebook and suddenly there was some weird noise coming out from the CPU fan (It was getting blocked) so what I did is I opened bthe hinge where my CPU fan is located and then cleaned the dust.

Here comes the important part

I tried to turn on my laptop but it didn't work.
So in no time I figured that the power button was destroyed because I messed up.

Now I found a alternative way for booting into Windows by pressing F5 (HP Quickweb) and then from there I could boot into Windows.

But now it shows a error stating that my files are corrupted. (When I press F5)

Now someone told me that you should go into the BIOS and then change the keys to power on to ctrl+ESC but for that I need a working power button.

Recently I checked this forum and it said that turning on a laptop (with the power key) without a hard drive will send them directly to the bios.

So if I remove my hard drive and then press F5 will anything happen?

Also is it safe?
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