Solved! Cannot connect external monitor

Jan 9, 2021
Hey everyone, I would need some help here if possible, please:

I have a laptop Asus F505ZA, and 2 external monitors.

One of the 2 external monitors is connected to the laptop via hdmi - hdmi.

Today I bought a second external monitor and a usb c to hdmi cable.

When I connect the usb c cable from the laptop to the hdmi of the second external monitor, I get a message "no signal" on the new second monitor.

I'm going crazy figuring out how to fix this.

I have read that hdmi splitter won't work.

I don't want a duplicate screen I want all 3 screens (main one of the laptop + 2 external to be separate screens / extended).

Do you think a usb 2 or 3 to hdmi cable would solve this issue?

If not, what about usb 2 or 3 to vga cable, considering that the new monitor I bought today has also vga?

Thanks in advance for your help.