Cannot install operating system on hp 2000 tpn-i108 (and other issues)


Mar 12, 2016
I'm not in a big worry to get this laptop running because it usually retails for more than $100+ and I only got it for $20. But the laptop came without a hard drive and it was the only thing wrong with it.

Well, I inserted a hard drive. Heres my issue:
Everytime I install Windows (7 or 8) it shows the same error:

"Windows Cannot Install Required Files. The file may be corrupt or missing. Make sure all required files for installation are available, and restart the application."

This happened to two different OS installations. I had UEFI secure boot on for different tests and off for different tests and same result so I know its not secure boot. I finally did manage to install Windows 8, but the installer kept blue screening and would restart, and after the restart would try to take me to desktop but would say that the login service is not responding.
I am not entirely in a hurry to get this working because it was cheap, but It would be nice to play with as a project computer! :)

Additionally, I know its not the hard drive. I moved the new hard drive into another laptop to test to see if it was dud and it works just fine.

Any ideas? Thank You!