Cannot make space for new Windows 10 update, (even when trying)

Mar 23, 2018

I have an HP Stream 14-ax000na, which has a measly 29.1GB of space. I keep everything on an external SD Card. However, since the new Windows 10 Security Updates (from maybe 6-8 weeks ago, if not before), I've not been able to free up a whole 8GB of space required. My storage section under Control Panel shows 17.5GB under 'system reserved', 6.68GB under 'Apps and Games' but the majority of these are HP files that came with the computer and if I numerically add the MBs of all these files up, they do not make 6.88GB. Similarly, I apparently have 2.15GB of files in 'other' but each folder list has a very small number of KBs, so I'm not sure what to do about that. I've used the drive cleaner and I don't keep any files on the laptop, apart from Google Chrome (which is about 400-500MB) and Microsoft Office, which is about 1GB.

Any advice would be great as I'm pulling my hair out trying to find a way of making space



Nov 4, 2012
well, you might be able to turn of virtual memory to get rid of the c:\pagefile.sys and get enough space to do the install
then turn it back on after the install.




So this has a 32GB eMMC drive.
I have an Asus Transformer with a similar issue.

Your only recourse is to create a new Win 10 boot USB.
Boot from that, and do an actual reinstall - Keep everything.

Check your Restore Point settings

Check if hibernation is still ON. If so, turn it OFF

Disk Cleanup. Delete whatever you can. Especially "old OS versions"
Apr 22, 2018
I have encountered a similar problem with this poxy HP STREAM 14 - which has destroyed my lifelong faith in the (previously-rock-solid) HP brand entirely.

After a week of failing to delete enough I have even deleted the Microsoft Office suite of products, to no avail - still short of nearly 7GB on the internal drive), I connected a bog-standard flash drive and rebooted; the system (ie the Windows Updater) finally gave me the option to configure space on the external flash drive and, (currently five hours after starting this eighth day of trying to install the latest Windows update to something like 1803, we are at 9% of the way through "Working on updates").

The status/progress message is followed by the immortal line: "Do not turn off your PC. This will take a while". No s**t, Sherlock?

Sorry HP, you need to do better; Microsoft will continue to ship bloatware and, and a major Microsoft reseller/OEM, you really SHOULD install an SDD which will handle, say, the next five years of updates. This STREAM dates from May 2016 - less than two years.

My corporate upgrade of PCs across the UK in June 2018 will NOT be including HP as a possible platform; this painful experience is NOT what I would expect. ironically, the HP STREAM does everything I need (with an external drive attached because of the pitiful internal drive capacity).
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