Cant connect to moniter


Oct 23, 2016
My moniter is completely missing its screen, dont ask. I can still start the computer but when i connect it to my moniter it just does this,tRYj8Hl,k5aSJ6k,ZE4SD4m
(It says no signal i ddnt take good pictures) i have two moniter and both ddnt recogbize it, there both different. I even tried connecting it to me tv and it ddnt work, idk if im missing drivers but those would be nearly impossible to download without a moniter. I had an old moniter that used to work with this laptop but that one died
When you connect the external monitors are you making sure to connect them, and turn on the monitor as well, 'before' the laptop is turned on? If not, this can cause the external one not to show.

If you are doing that, and it still isn't working (and you know for certain that the monitors work) then you are probably looking at a graphics card problem, meaning a motherboard replacement.