Can't factory rest my Toshiba Satellite L655 Laptop

Jun 22, 2019
I by no means am tech savvy but this is annoying me to no end . My goal to factory reset my laptop is to get rid of PCLinuxOS.
I can not stand Linux at all and would like to remove it, problem is i cant so i figured just reset the laptop it should be fine. i bought this laptop from a pawnshop so i don't have the disk needed to rest that way, i tried holding zero(0) and also rapidly pressing F12 nothing works there is no HDD Recovery option when i get to the boot menu and when holding zero it just beeps then continues to boot through pclinuxos with linux 4.11.8 i honestly can afford a brand new laptop if i can't reset this as much as i need it i might just sell it. please help if you can, thanks for your time.


Feb 6, 2015
Do you have a double boot? Or are you wanting to switch to windows? Was the laptop originally a windows os? If so do you have the windows key? if you do, the best thing for you to do is a fresh instal of windows. Make sure you clear the partitions also.