Can't get 5.1 playback from a Claro 2 card.


Dec 20, 2014
The card is connected to a Yamaha RX-V373 receiver using the optical cable. The PC is running Windows 7. Test tones from receiver and Windows Control Panel reach all speakers, but music only plays 2.1 no matter which settings are used on Xear (Claro) control panel.


Your music is stereo, (unless you specifically bought 5.1) therefore it'll be played as 2.1 (.1 because you are using bass management).

You can play on all speakers though, easiest is to just set the AVR to ProLogic II and it'll probably be worth your time reading the section "Selecting a sound mode" in your AVR manual starting on page 35.

The Claro probably has a way of doing this too, but it's been couple of years since I used one and cannot remember off hand.