cant get some software installed after replacing parts (Alienware 15 r2)


Jan 19, 2016
i just reinstalled a motherboard for my alien ware 15r2 and decided to replace a hdd too (ordered the same one) and decided to install windows 8.1 for some equipment i use thats not compatible or crash windows 10. i i did a clean install and everything works it seemed i could not install any drivers of any kind but that resolved i have everything installed like all the updates and all that but some missing programs like .net framework 3.5 wont install due to not having internet connections i DO have internet and the proper drivers installed. i can browse the internet just fine, watch you tube, browse Facebook etc. but some software like .net wont install and steam tells me cant find d3d device aswell a "unknown device" in Device manager and i cant find what it is. other than those three problems at the moment (key words at the moment) everything works just fine so some help on the .net issue and steams inability to find a d3d device would be appreciated and