Can't install any other system on computer with preinstalled Windows 7 Starter

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Dec 2, 2014
This is a netbook from Gateway LT21. Since long I was being prompted on every start up to activate it online but I never did and each time I was able to use it normally without any bugs even though Microsoft says I'm not permitted to use it without activation and one day when I decided to give time to this computer and take a risk of unstalling some other system on it, I tried to install Windows XP and after all drivers got loaded corectly the blue screen with White letters appeared saying that there was a problem because of some recently installed hardware or viruses, later I tried installing Windows 7, Vista and from time to time all installations were interrupted by loud emergency sound exact like in this video and the only way to stop that sound was powering off the computer. Then I decided to give up Windows and try Linux instead and I found out it's possible to recover computer partitions and clean from viruses with Hiren LiveCD by running Windows XP mini so I made a bootable USB from iso image and it loaded but for some reason my enter button stopped working and now I cannot even make any changes in BIOS and what's more, I was prompted to type some password I entered the one which I set last and it turned out to be wrong but Debian Linux Ubuntu could load despite if this but I had to push enter 5 times instead of 1 but I guess this option also stopped working. I set to clear the drive of 250 gb and created many different partitions with it but the installation seemed to be successful but the password which I created for this account did not match the one which I had to type after logging out from Debian to log again. So I decided to try installing something else again (two times Windows succeeded to install but I couldn't even download Eset online scanner to clean my computer from viruses the screen was blinking and getting stuck and I couldn't even controll the mouse, this started happenning when I connected computer to the internet with cable to download driver for wireless internet. My husband, who is the owner of this computer told me to throw it but I said I will fix it and I will not give up but seems like I only damaged it more). I tried to remove the cmos battery but looks like even this has some kind of lock so I cannot remove the cover of it like it was shown in the tutorial on one of the videos on Youtube and I also came across one webpage saying that all I need to recover the password is to give the code and model name and I'll be given the password which I need to type if I pay 10$ online (the message is looking like this: "Enter Unlock Password (Key: 68913660)?" or that I can download password reset CD if I pay 9 Euros. Is this a joke or something? Has anyone had this kind of problem on this type of laptop/netbook? Please share your experience, tips and advices and honestly is there any way how I can save this computer from being thrown to the trashcan or pond? Thank you for your patience.
I've just found video representing the exact behaviour of this computer . It was like this quite long time, however now it just stuck on the screen:
" Harddisk Security Sata Port 0 ST9250315AS Lock "
Nothing else. The only reaction to any pressed key is something like blinking.


Mar 20, 2009
Hi and welcome to Tom's forum.

Since you are installing different OS versions on that laptop and at this time you need the BIOS password, under Tom's policy we can't help you on this since we can not verify if the laptop is your and OS are legal.

On this case, my only suggestion is contact to manufacturer and they will give you the process to follow.
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