Cant login to some sites


Jan 22, 2016
So heres the deal whats happening to me at the moment.
Im getting this message as warrning all the time when i trying to login to one site:
Please wait 1 HOUR before trying to login again. You have made too many failed attempts to login within this hour.
So its not like its saying,im waitihng 1 hour to login again with the CORRECT login info and still this message,im waiting 1 day,2 days then trying to connect still this one.Im changing password and still got this message when i try to login.
The fact is i get thsi from all my browsers on my PC like chrome,edge,mozzila.
But i can login from my phone.So my question is how can i fix this issue on my PC,also i started to get some catpchpa on some sites the same time this started to happens,i tried lot of steps like resets browsers,clear caches,format windows,scan in safe mode,scan in normal mode,contact the website support im not blacklisted IP.
Im sure something happening on my pc like malware that cant be deleted from clean windows format or something like that,like someone (ghost) trying to constatly login to that site account with the wrong passwords and so on please help i searched a lot for this problem and cant find any solutions.


Jan 22, 2016

Hi and yes,i tried this programs windows deffender,avast,malwarebytes,adware(frommalwarebytes i think),hitman something for cookies scan or something like that and nothing works,also i tried do scans in safe mode.
The thing is this problem fixed by itself, the customer service from that site confirms that this problem wasnt from their side.
My logic telling me that when i lose electricity power twice in 1 hour time my IP started to be suspicious to some site,in that hour when i lose the power i was loged in that sites and after the first power lose.So maybe they identify my IP like spam or something i dont know.
They also said that my IP is clean and its not blacklisted,this is above my knowledge and if you sir understand this give me some reasonable explanation please so i can fix it sooner in future.
The site was,also getting captcha in forums like this one scythe forum and other forums that i tried to find the answer i cant remember all of them.


Aug 10, 2016
I think the pool of IP addresses your ISP uses, or if you have static IP set on your computer then chances are it's been reported as spam. Ask your ISP to provide you new IP address.


Sep 15, 2017
I would try unplugging your modem and router for a few minutes and then restarting them. The other option would be to restore your PC back to when it did work using the System Restore function. You could also contact your ISP and ask for a new IP as was said above by PeterKendrick, it never hurts to try multiple options.
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