Can't make up my mind - please help!!


Aug 14, 2011
Ok I am purchasing a new gaming laptop very soon. The new MSI GT683DXR and the new 780DX and DXR's are about to come out.

I am stuck between the 683DXR and the 780DX and cannot make up my mind at all.

They both come with the new 570M GPU. Based on my budget they will both have the i7 Quad 2.0Ghz CPU.

The 683 has the smaller screen and only the most essential areas of the keyboard backlit but the one I have found comes with 16GB of RAM and x2 500GB SATA's set up to use RAID 0. I like the chassis styling on the 683 and also the additional LEDS it has.

The 780 has the larger screen and has a colour customisable backlit keyboard but will only have 8gb of RAM and a 750gb SATA.

They both work out about the same price all in all. I just cannot decide. For starters do you think I need 16gb of ram? How much is too much when it comes to gaming? When I say too much I mean wasted. How much improvement will I see having RAID 0 and does using RAID 0 mean you only have 500gb of space to use or can you still use the total space of both drives for storage?

Help before I go insane :??: