Cant output TV sound through home theatre system

Jun 15, 2018

I have a TCL P6US TV (a cheaper variant of the TCL Roku TV sold in some countries) connected to a samsung HT-F6500W home theatre system, but I can't output TV audio to it.

1.On the samsung home theatre system, I have chosen the setting to output TV sound through the home theatre system.

2.I have tried connecting the TV to the home theatre system both with HDMI (ARC) and optical cables, but neither works.

3.There is no setting in the TV to choose to send audio output through the home theatre system. There is no setting to turn ARC on. Under advanced audio settings, the only thing I can find is "SPDIF" which is set to auto; but the optical cable doesn't output sound either. Selecting SPDIF in the TV menu also clearly states its to output TV sound to the home theatre system.

4.Blurays will play on the TV with home theatre sound. A USB plugged into the bluray player will also play on the TV with home theatre sound. A USB plugged into the TV will only play through TV sound.

I'm stumped, no idea what to do. Any help will be appreciated!
It's not clear online whether the TV has an HDMI-ARC input. It would be labeled as such. You need ARC in both the TV and HTS for it to work. Old HDMI cables won't support it either.
Did you select the SPDIF input on the HTS?
Did you try changing the audio output type in the TV menu?
Did you try turning off Anynet+ in the HTS?
Does the TV menu have different audio output types? Try changing that setting.
If you can try the HTS with a different TV that would help to pin down where the problem is.
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