Can't use mouse or touchpad when laptop is charging


Apr 8, 2013
I recently got this laptop (Lenovo G460, Win7) and starting about 2-3 days ago my mouse and touchpad don't work while the laptop is charging. There are a few more odd things with it as well. The touchpad works if I have a VGA cable plugged into another monitor and there is a buzzing in my headphones that stops when I plug that in too, however the VGA cable makes the screen sometimes flash black like it is being connected and disconnected. When the laptop is not charging I can use everything perfectly fine. I tried plugging it into a converter from 220V to 110V and it didn't fix it, tried a different charger and it didn't work, and I restarting the computer didn't change anything. I also tried a different plug and still have the problem. I've noticed too that my PS4 controller messes up when charging too ever since this started happening. Nothing has been changed, in fact I was out of the house 2 days then came back and this started.