Car Amplifier and wiring questions


Apr 12, 2017
Scenario: I just got and old convertible back on the road and the last thing I need to do is get the audio system working. The car currently has a new Sony head unit, 6 Polk speakers (4 door, 2 rear) and 1 10in pioneer shallow mount sub, with an 8 gauge power and ground supply. Space in the trunk is extremely limited.

I'm not looking for booming bass, just solid, well rounded sound.

Question: Can I run this setup with a single amplifier? If so, how many channels, how powerful, in what configuration should I connect the speakers, and will the 8 gauge power supply be sufficient?

If they bothered to give it an 8 gauge, they probably already gave it an amplifier(s), are you sure it doesn't have one?

I had a 25x4 Rockford Fosgate (often under-spec) using 2 channels for the fronts, and the remaining 2 channels ganged for an 8" sub, let my receiver built-in to drive the 2 rears and I was reasonably happy with it. Not a lot of air need to move in the confined of a car. Open top, that's another issue.
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