Question "Proficient Audio ss4p and ceiling speakers"

Oct 28, 2018
sorry for incomplete questions last time, I just saw only a part of it was posted there.

Let me rephrase my questions and you may better answer to me. I am really kind of worried with audio system that is installed to the house that i owned last year and could not figure out yet. Each floor has 2/3 speakers and there is a main central point with SS4P proficient audio system. I do not see anything other near by this central point.

So you are suggesting to purchase a stereo amp or receiver to dive the speakers and sources to listen to. I am confused with a part of ''sources to listen to'''. So if i buy any kind of amplifier that has stereo amplifier, would it work? As per your suggestion, I am looking at link below from amazon to purchase, that gives me other facility like a mic to practice to other songs too...

Would appreciated your response!!!
If you check the owners manual you will find that the Pyle you link to is only 20-30 watts per channel. Not nearly enough for your application.
If you are on a tight budget get a name brand stereo receiver with about 100 watts per channel. A new one should be about $150. If you can stretch to about $500 a Denon DRA-800H has Heos streaming built in.
If there aren't in wall volume controls for each room with speakers you won't be able to adjust volume for each room individually. If you used a separate Sonos Amp or Denon HeosAmp for each room that would work best but it's way more expensive. If you start with the Denon receiver you can add additional HeosAmps to create separate zones that would allow for different music in each zone with volume control of each zone all from the app.
The mic isn't very useful if the amp isn't in the room with the speakers. Get a separate karaoke rig for that.
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