Question Channel not working on amplifier

Feb 15, 2019
So I was just about to play some music and was turning on my amps.
I have 3 amps that have a 12v DC input so I use 12vDC power supplies to power them.
I usually turn on those first but this time I switched on my QD4960 and let it power up.
I then turned on my power supplies which sends current to my 12v input amps.
I heard a VERY LOUD BANG and i turned to look at my QD4960 and could see all the channels went into protect mode.
I then went to play some music however channel 3+4 were not responding.
I did some trouble shooting but came to the conclusion that 3+4 had blown.

Just to add I have a 12v powered crossover for my QD4960 that runs from one of the power supplies.

The amp is very expensive and has a protect mode could it be the fuse blown?

Any help much appreciated !
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