Solved! Charger is normal until I play games - it stops and starts working randomly causing some massive FPS drop making games unplayable

Aug 3, 2019
Hi guys!

I appear to have a problem with my laptop and i just cant figure out whats going on. I bought the HP Pavilion Gaming 15 (cx0818no version) laptop a few weeks ago and this has been an occurring issue. When im just running the laptop on a daily basis doing normal things, there are no problems - but i enjoy playing Rocket League, and i play it at a decently high competitive level so this issue is a major problem for me.

A while after i start playing, the charger apparently starts cutting in and out, (not to be confused with "plugged in, not charging" - although that sometimes comes up too), like one moment it's charging, the next moment it doesn't even recognize that the charger is plugged in (even though i have done absolutely nothing, the icon is literally appearing and disappearing several times a minute). I've had 2 of the same laptop, and it did the same on both, so im thinking that it's either a general hardware issue, or a software issue.


The moment my charger stops charging, my game immediately drops from around 200+fps to 50-80 fps (but it is extremely bitty and "framey", not consistent at all) . I have looked into the Nvidia battery booster, and have turned it off, but still whenever the laptop loses charge, the fps goes mad. So as you can imagine, when the charger is working and not working several times a minute it makes the game unplayable :( Please help me!
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Jun 29, 2019
Well that's smilar to many laptop like mine when I used it for gaming it is cause of the power it gaves from the charger adapter,and you need a new charger