Cheap laptops with 1080p IPS display


Jul 13, 2017
I recently bought the HP 250 G5 (i5 6200u) which has a 1080p display but I didn't know much about displays and didn't know it was a TN display. Despite it being FHD, the display is terrible and so hard to use. The colours are ridiculously painful and the words are so blurry. It doesn't even look 1080p.

Therefore I am looking to sell it and buy a new laptop with a REALLY GOOD display. I also made a mistake buying an i5 thinking I was going to game on it but really there was no point.

So can anyone suggest any laptops which has a 1080p IPS display with a screen size of at least 14", although 15.6" is preferable. Also along with working, I am going to use it for watching films, going on youtube and streaming sports so does the processor matter too much? I will of course want to watch utube vids in 1080p.

I am considering the Chuwi lapbook, but the problem is there are no brightness keys, or if not then the Ezbook 3 pro, but then the reviews say the display isn't as good as the Chuwi. Also no Chromebook, need Windows.

Any suggestions of laptops or sites where I can search laptops?


Oct 9, 2006
Shop for Lenovo thinkpads.
They have nice IPS screens available on most versions.
In addition, they have some of the best keyboards.

On a budget, look at the Lenovo outlet or for refurb units on ebay or newegg.

I would avoid off brands.

Cpu is not a big deal in you buy the Intel processors.
What you should insist on is a ssd for windows. Even then, it is often cheaper to buy a laptop with a low end 5400rpm drive and install your own ssd.



Jul 13, 2017
Thanks for answering.

Hey geofelt, I've looked into Lenovo laptops and I found one within my budget (£400).

However, even though it's 1080p IPS, the coating is anti-glare (matt) which means that it will completely defeat the purpose of the 1080p IPS display. What's everyone's viee on it?

Also it's AMD A6 and I checked CPU boss, it is slightly faster than the i5 6200u that I am currently using on my HP 250 G5.

Is this a good one guys? Just don't know about the coating...


Aug 1, 2017
Yes, anti-glare coating (a.k.a. matte) destroys the fancy of IPS screen.
Unfortunately, most IPS laptops in that price range are anti-glare. You can go with something like this: HP Pavilion 15-au091nr


Nov 19, 2017
That shiny gloss coating is subjective - I hate them.
They reflect so much glare it makes them a pain for productivity.
IPS is all about accurate colour / brightness and wide angle.
Feb 14, 2018

You have that the wrong way round glossy screens are a fail as they reflect. The IPS screens are matt on purpose because they do not want to be reflecting. Remember glossy screens are a sales gimmick and a lot cheaper to produce for the manufacturer. It's matt all the way for the enlightened. leave the kids to fight over the glossy things.LOL

Depends, LOL. If a laptop with a glossy screen is being used in relatively low light (no sunshine or bright lamps or strong fluorescent lights), where reflections can be controlled, the colors will pop more and the picture will be sharper than on a matte screen of equal quality. As an example, I had an ASUS G75 gaming laptop with a 1080p matte screen, and it was so grainy, it was like looking through a screen door and the colors were drab. Spent less than $100 for a glossy replacement and installed it myself. The difference in picture quality was like day and night. Best $100 upgrade I've ever made.

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