Choice between 2 gaming laptops (Used GTX 1080 vs Brand New GTX 1070)


Jul 4, 2013
Hi. I am trying to choose what would be the best gaming laptop to purchase. My choices are a seller refurbished ASUS ROG GL702VI-WB74 (GTX 1080) or a brand new MSI GP63 (GTX 1070). The prices are about the exact same ($1550) so that is not in consideration.



Basically I want the more reliable one and one that will last me a long time. The ASUS being refurbished is a mark against it,, but the GTX 1080 is obviously better than the GTX 1070. Also the ASUS has the i7-7700HQ and the MSI has the newer i7-8750H.

Does the GTX 1080 make the ASUS an obvious choice for the same price even though it's refurbished? I have a laptop cooler already purchased so would either one of these be better in the cooling department than the other?

Also I know that the ASUS is 17" and the MSI is 15" but I don't have too much of a preference. The 17 inch would be nice for the bigger screen for gaming but the MSI looks to be quite a bit lighter, so that's nice. Both of them are 120Hz which is a big point for me (never had above 75Hz). They both have pros/cons, but I wouldn't mind either screen size.

I would like some opinions on which laptop you would go with in this situation. Thanks.


Dec 17, 2012
Question from MStone : "Choice between 2 gaming laptops (Used GTX 1080 vs Brand New GTX 1070)"

The asus would be my choice. Since it can actually keep itself cooled without thermal throttling (the msi comes really really close to max temps according to what I found).