Choosebetween Huawei and Xiamomi smartphone


Mar 23, 2018
Hello guys! First of all i want to ask you about my choice between these 2 smartphones.
One of the is the new Xiaomi Pocophone F1 . I hear it has a great features ,Ram Cpu and another stuff for that price . But i also saw the Huawei Mate 10 Pro and it has water resistance , better cameras and more positive sides, but it will be almost 2 years old in 2019. The Pocophone F1 was launched august 2018 . I saw many reviews about the Pocophone F1 and all of the users type that it has bad software, screen bleeding and a lot of many other unstable bugs . I think its bit normal for that price. I think the Huawei have older chipset from the past year but is more stable and reliable . I just don't know which of these 2 is better and will get me more work done. I main use my smartphone for watching videos and surfing in internet a lot . Some times for games too but mainly for social media and videos and the main things that i want are the Battery at first place i want the smartphone to have long life battery ,because i was suffering so much with mine LG G6 battery it was awful... . So the Huawei in the internet shows same battery but better hours life . If these 2 smartphones aren't the right choice i think about Samsung Galaxy S8+ , but it has good camera and low battery life and not so good performance so i think Xiaomi Pocophone F1 or Huawei Mate 10 Pro will be the best choice for me . What do you think? Thank you!


Question from stefkourl : "Huawei or Xiaomi phones"