Review Chromecast with Google TV HD review: A great cheap streamer

Oct 29, 2022
I am watching the mlb series in 4k using youtubetv’s 4k service. Switching between the chromecast 4k and firestick 4k the firestick wins hands down. The chromecast drops frames and stutters. Firestick does not. Both are right next to each other plugged into a LG oled TV. 1Gb fiber service. Ubiquiti access point in the same room. The chromecast ui is better but performance is not competitive.
Apr 2, 2023
I can confirm the previous comment.

Since the October 1, 2022 Patch/Android upgrade to the Chromecast with GoogleTV HD, buggy is an understatement. They have been unusable - dropping frames is the least of the issues. Audio and video often get way out of sync (not a little out of sync) and video becomes unstable - on numerous apps, after numerous device resets and on multiple devices of the same kind. I have very fast fiber internet - the problem is not on my end. Switching out to older Firesticks solves all issues.

Google should be ashamed of this product with this firmware and should have addressed this problem immediately. It's six months later - and - nothing.

Buyer beware - stay away from these - the HD versions at least. I have not tested the 4K versions.