Community Center AV Setup Questions


Aug 28, 2017
I work for a small town as the sole IT person. I was asked to come up with a way to outfit our newly remodeled community center with cameras and wall mounted TVs. The setup they want is more then I have ever done in the AV field so I am going to need someone to point me in the right direction of what I need.

The building has a full size commercial kitchen that opens to a large open space. They want to do cooking classes in the building and they want two cameras facing down, one over the range and one over the counter top. I'm not sure how the heat and humidity will effect the cameras on that or even what type of camera and mount is best for this application.

On the walls in the open space they would like two TVs facing out broadcasting what is going on in the kitchen and a way to switch the video feeds so both TVs are showing one camera or separate cameras. I really have no idea what I need to make the video switching happen.

They would also like all of this hooked up to a sound system, which I do have a little more experience with, however I have been unable to find a decent set of wireless lapel microphones. 4-8 mics would be awesome if anyone has any recommendations. Thanks!