Comparing 3 speaker options for use with gaming, media, and music.


May 5, 2007
I am looking into getting a new speaker system to hook into my computer for gaming, media, and music. I want to stay under $150 and make sure i'm getting good value for my money. I've identified these 3 options.

MartinLogan MLT-2 5.1 - On sale for $169 Newegg

These Speakers:$70/

Logitech Z506 75 watts 5.1 - On sale for $52 Newegg

The martinLogan are original $999 which I understand is super inflated as they really sale for $300 most places. Still seems like a good deal at $169.
The Dayton speakers seem like good quality but i'm afraid they will be missing the bass I want.
The Logitechs, I know the brand and liked my last set.

Thanks for the help.
if you read the newegg customer reviews you will note that the martinlogan has a very major issue with the subwoofer. also the -$830 discount is fishy. i personally wouldnt buy it after reading the reviews but to each their own.

going with a small amp and bookshelf speakers is not a bad idea. personally i would recommend something more along the lines of $150 which is your budget than $70 as the article lists. if you get decent output speakers you might not really need a subwoofer but a subwoofer would give you better lows. there are sony bookshelf speakers on ebay for about $70 which would require an appropriate amp to match which looks good. definitely an option to go this general route though.

as far as logitech speakers are concerned...for the money they are definitely worthwhile. while perhaps not the best sound you will ever hear they are typically more than powerful enough for small rooms and have half decent sound. you also get 5.1 instead of the stereo you would get with the prior option.

basically weigh the advantages and disadvantages with what you would like best.