Computer Audio Issue


Apr 16, 2011
I am not too certain where to put this. So I just got a pair of turtle beach PX5 headphones and have the optical cables going into the transmitter from the ps3 to my surround sound. Now both my desktop and ps3 have their video channels coming out of my tv but the audio from my computer solely comes in throuhg my tv's speakers. Now the problem lies with I can switch from my computer to my ps3 and everything works great but when i want to switch back from my ps3 to my computer, I get a sound issue to where I am forced to restart my computer everytime after I use my ps3. Has anybody else has this problem and does anyone know how to fix it? If anyone has trouble understanding my explanation let me know.


Apr 16, 2011
So what your saying is that I am going to have to restart my computer every time I switch from my ps3 to my computer if I want sound for the computer? Cuz I already do that. I was hoping there would be a way to get it to switch from one to the other more simply...


from what i gather from your post you have one hdmi cable running from your ps3 to the tv on "input 1" and one hdmi cable running from your pc to the tv on "input 2"

you state that you have your heaset plugged into your surround sound. what exactly do you mean by this? do you mean the receiver unit of home theater speakers or other device? please specify.

if you do have surround sound speakers and a receiver is it connected to your pc and ps3?

i can swap back and forth perfectly fine with my receiver, with just the turn of a knob for audio source.

provide a list of devices used, cables used and connection layout so that we can better assist.

i'm not so sure "just restart your system" is the answer. even if it was, there are ways to fix that. provide details and we shall see.
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