Computer became slow after restart


Aug 11, 2015
Hello, so I've been dealing with a problem lately, the problem is kinda complicated. In my country the weather at summer is very hot and it make's my computer get hot as well.. But problem doesn't end here, the computer just become's hot after a little bit of playing games. Few days ago I was playing some CS GO with my friends, I've played it about 2 hours then I shutted my computer down. Once I've started it again it became so slow, it took a lot of time to load something, it take's long time to open a file, everything starts not responding.. Even Windows stops working.. I've tried searching for viruses with Malware, I've founded two trojans and a bunch of more viruses.. Once I've deleted them, computer still stayed the same. I even tried to do a recovery to an older point where my computer worked, but it also didn't work.. And now i'm lost and don't know what to do.. Any suggestions?