Computer emitting a frequency in the 530 Mhz range


Nov 27, 2015
I work on a sound system that uses four Sennheiser wireless microphones. Two out of three of them pick up a blaring, feedback level, static when the attached mic is off. We did some trouble shooting, and when I turned off the desktop computer, that lives under the desk they are on top of, they stopped picking up a signal. These receivers are operating in the 515 -535 Mhz range and the offenders were on the bottom of the two towers they are part of. We think that a computer part is malfunctioning, but we didn't find anything Googling it. Any ideas?

PS. We know it isn't a local television station or other sound system, and we are fairly sure it isn't something else outside the building because too many coincidences would have had to happen. We also didn't have this problem until recently when we added the computer.

PPS. The computer runs HDMI lines, but we don't think this is the problem, we unplugged all of these and the static didn't stop.

This may be the wrong forum, but I don't know who to ask.

Edit: The problem was an external piece of equipment. The Triple Head to Go DP Edition was sending these signals.


I would also wonder if the noise was going through the power lines in the house and being picked up by some component that is somehow related to the mics.

The reason I say this is that computer cases are designed to shield rf interference.


Nov 27, 2015

Well, it is a 120 year old building, so that is a very good possibility.
If the PC is connected to a UPS you can unplug that from the AC and see if the noise persists. You could also try using a different PC or a laptop in the same location.
Each mic will have it's own operating frequency. Check the frequencies of the mics. If the one that works is not close to the ones that don't work then you would want to change the operating frequency of those. Sennheiser tech support may be have some experience that can help.


Nov 27, 2015

UPS? the static only happens if the mics are off, but there has been a few times where it leaks through when the mics are on. Ok, I'll look into it.
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