Computer Sounds Give Up Secret Information

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Oct 13, 2011
Every Once while Israelis, comes up with those fab technological advances to "prove the world there superiority", they usually contain no evidence to back them up (much like there right to the "promised land"), and they come up at good time, just consider this report :

Mandela received weapons training from Mossad agents in Ethiopia

They issues that report 2 days after Mandela passed away ...


Sep 13, 2011
Emad - And king hussain slaughtered 30,000 palestian on black October, and Assad has murdered x10 time than that. But of course you don't care. The point is not what is right or wrong, the point is to be against Israel, even if the Israeli Arab have good life amount the Jews.

And the musk in the Temple Mount @ Jerusalem is built on top of the Jewish temple (That's why it's called the temple mount and not the musk mount), or should I believe that the Jews secretly built an ancient temple right after the must was built?
You people can convince yourself in just about every lie in order to reinvent the modern history.
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