Computer Suddenly Won't Work Well With Charger?


Jul 4, 2016
I have an Alienware 14 laptop, with, well, Windows 7 installed. It's maybe... 9 or 10 months old. I had to get a new charger after the first one broke a couple of months ago. Everything was fine, and I made sure the new charger had the exact same power and volts and everything as the first, to make sure it would work. And it did.

But suddenly, yesterday, plugging in my charger seems to make my computer run terribly, when plugged in. At first, I thought it was CPU Usage, which was blasting up to a hundred without a single program running, whilst plugged in.

I was able to fix that by disabling CPU Turbo, which dropped that down to about 10 - 20% with Chrome and Skype running.

It didn't help much.

Now, it'll run just fine, but if I open up anything like a game, or even skype, it runs like a potato's powering it. It only works like it used to, when unplugged.

Not only that, despite the charger being supported with the computer ever since I got it, everytime I plugged it on, starting mid-yesterday, it randomly said the charger wasn't supported!

Also, it now says that it isn't charging the laptop anymore. At least, when I have it open. It does charge it when it's closed.

I didn't download anything before it started running terrible, it just suddenly stopped running great. Like, I was in the middle of editing a video, it was running fine. I went to do something, putting my laptop in its safe position, so it's vents can get air, and it won't overheat while I'm gone, since I usually sit in bed and have it in my lap, however I'm mindful to keep my legs far from the vents. When I came back, it was running terribly.

I ran anti-virus scans.
I updated anything I could.
I disabled CPU Usage.

None of that allowed the laptop to support my charger again.

I did check on my computer, and saw someone, probably my sister, downloaded Driver Support a couple of days ago. I checked around online, and heard it was worse than useless, so I uninstalled that, thinking that may have been the problem. But uninstalling it didn't do anything.

Is there anything else I may be able to do?