Computer will not boot from hard drive or cd rom get error 2200 2201 on Lenovo edge E520 F-12 doesn't respond


Sep 23, 2013
Bought a used laptop that won't boot out of bios, when first booted up it shows serial number and UUID numbers, then I get a 2200 error no vaild serial numbers and 2201 UUID number in valid, and the bios then show no entry for these serial numbers (board machine type blank ,system board blank,UUID number blank. Is computrace causing these issues?

I was able to locate version 1.83 and I get EEPROM Check SUM Error when I try to read or Assign the UUID info and the Board and Type serial numbers.

I'm thinking the Bios is locked in a secure mode with computrace, I sent them a email ,lets see if they respond


At some point the Motherboard was probably swapped/replaced. There is a security chip (EEPROM) on the board that has registered all the other hardware in the machine. When swapped into new/other hardware, it generates the errors your getting.

Information that I'm finding is saying that the software needed to fix this is only available to Lenovo field techs (Hardware Maintenance Diskette Version 1.76). Or it would have to be sent in to the Manufacturer.

See page 56:

Googled Hardware Maintenance Diskette Version 1.76 & got a possible download link (Must register with their forums to find out though):

Good Luck!