Solved! Connect a Vizio v51-h6 soundbar to a 2009 Panasonic TV


Feb 29, 2020
I have been perusing threads for days and haven’t come up with a solution. There is no sound out of the sound bar. The TV though it is old, has HDMI, digital optical and RCA outlets. I know the HDMI is probably not arc compatible but I tried it anyway. No sound. Could not get any sound from the optical cable or rca’s either. The self test for the sound bar worked fine. There is an SAP button on the TV remote but when I press it to change the sound output I get no screen menu. The tv model is L32G1. The TV menu does have options for choosing the TV speakers or theater speakers. Neither setting produces sound. I’m beginning to think that no matter what I do this sound bar will not work with this TV. Vizio support person suggested an analog to digital converter. The tv does have digital sound capability. Thanks for any help